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Fish Soup

What better way to obtain your Omega fatty acids by indulging in a satisfying and tummy-warming bowl of fish soup? Ingredients:- 1 tablespoon Chicken powder- 1 teaspoon Whitebait powder- 1/2 teaspoon Prawn powder- 1 bowl of  Water- 10 Fresh Fish Slices- 2 Cheese Tofu- 2 Fish Dumplings- Handful of Romaine Lettuce- Pepper- Shallot Oil Cooking Method:1. Boil water in pot2. Add powders3. After mixture has boiled, add in the Cheese Tofu and Fish Dumplings, and allow to boil again for 2-3 minutes4. Add in the fish slices (one at a time), followed by the vegetables5. When it starts to boil again, give it a few quick stirs to lightly cook the vegetable so it remains crunchy6. Serve with pepper and shallot oil

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