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Hearty Stroganoff

Posted by Stephanie Goh on

Hosted some friends the night before and we all slept in the next day, including the kids. #mingleseasoning came to the rescue and lunch was prepared in 30 minutes, including prep time!

1. Heat olive oil and butter
2. Saute sliced onions
3. Saute mushrooms
4. Add Mingle Hearty Stroganoff
5. Add tomato paste, stock, sour cream
6. Top with Shabu Shabu beef slices

Optional: Add mustard for a tangy kick, I did not have that so I tried with a dash of vinegar and it works too

Toddler: Rice + Stroganoff + Blanched Salad
Preschooler: Rice + Stroganoff + Salad + Cheese => Made into baked rice
Dad: Baked Rice + Salad + Extra Wagyu Beef
Mum: Salad + Wagyu Beef

Everyone's happy! 😂


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