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Satay Bee Hoon

Posted by Stephanie Goh on

What a delightful mess this is! Tweaked the Mingle Satay Stir Fry recipe to make it into a Satay Bee Hoon dish with so much local flavours just calling out for you.
1. Heat oil and saute red shallots
2. Add 500g ground beef and saute till brown
3. Add Satay Stir Fry sachet contents to coat ingredients
4. Add 200ml stock (200ml water + 1 tsp chicken powder), 200ml coconut milk, 5tbsp peanut butter
5. Add broccoli to the top of the mixture and let the steam cook the broccoli for 3-5mins
6. Once it's done, scoop the mixture and pour over bee hoon to coat it.
7. Garnish with raw carrots, cucumbers, shallots, ground peanuts, spring onions, chilli slices, squeeze on some lime for an extra kick!


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