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Awase Dashi (40g)

SG Homemade

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What's better than Kombu?

Awase Dashi is your answer to the ultimate Japanese-styled soup base! It's also an awesome seasoning for making Onigiri for your children!


Kombu, Bonito


If your recipe calls for Dashi stock, simply reconstitute this powder in water - a little goes a long way.


**Made to Order**

Storage Instructions:

Shelf Life: 12 months (cool, dry place), refrigeration recommended.

If bringing products overseas, store in room temperature to prevent introduction of moisture.

Food powders: Once opened, keep closed in a cool, dry place (refrigeration preferred). Suitable for use till best before date.

Berry Quick Porridge: Once opened, keep uncooked portion refrigerated in an airtight container, to be used by the best before date. Otherwise, use within 5 days if stored in original packaging without refrigeration.

Dietary Specifications:

No Salt


No Sugar

No Preservatives/Additives

Suitable for babies from 6 months old, please consult your pediatrician before use.