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BLW Bundle

BLW Bundle

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YAY Plate

Introducing the BLW (Baby-Led Weaning) Bundle for Stress-Free Mealtime!

Embarking on the exciting journey of baby-led weaning has never been more enjoyable with our thoughtfully crafted BLW Bundle. We understand the challenges and joys of introducing solids to your little one, and we've designed this bundle to simplify the process and enhance the experience. Our BLW Bundle includes:

  1. Mushroom Powder for Exciting Flavors: Elevate your baby's palate and introduce them to a world of delightful flavors with our Mushroom Powder. Packed with umami goodness, this powder will add excitement to your baby's meals, making every bite an adventure. It's a great way to introduce new tastes and encourage a love for wholesome foods from an early age.

  2. Bapron to Catch Food Spillage: Mealtime messes are no longer a problem with our Bapron. Designed to keep your baby's clothing clean during meals, this innovative bib-apron hybrid offers full coverage and protection. It's easy to clean and comfortable for your little one to wear, allowing them to explore and enjoy their meals without worry.

  3. YAY Plate for a Clean Aesthetic Look: Create a visually appealing and organized mealtime experience with our YAY Plate. Its clean and modern design not only enhances the aesthetics of your baby's meals but also makes food exploration fun. And did we tell you about its super strong suction ability?! It's amazing! Made with high quality and safe FDA & LFGB approved silicone with absolutely no nasties. So safe that as parents - we'd feel at peace giving it to our kids.

With our BLW Bundle, you'll not only simplify the baby-led weaning process but also make it a delightful journey for both you and your little one. Whether you're a seasoned BLW parent or just starting, this bundle is the perfect companion to support your baby's exploration of solid foods.

Order now and make baby-led weaning a stress-free and enjoyable experience for you and your baby. Elevate mealtime, minimize mess, and promote healthy eating habits with our BLW Bundle!

In this bundle you will be getting:
Mushroom 30g / Kombu 50g / Wakame 40g / Whitebait Powder 40g x 1
BapronBaby® Bapron (6m-3T) x 1
YAY Plate x 1

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