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Freshbell Papazoo's Juice (For Cough/Cold) 9M+

Freshbell Papazoo's Juice (For Cough/Cold) 9M+

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Natural Cough & Cold Remedy (and prevention) commonly used by Korea's parents.

Suitable for kids from 9 months old & above.


How to consume?

♡ Recommended to take 1 packet every 3 to 7 days for cough/cold prevention. Ingredients all natural, no medicine added, no sugar added.

♡ During cough/cold (or first symptoms), take 2 packets daily until recover.

♡ All Natural Ingredients, No Synthetic Additives such as preservatives, colouring and flavouring


Pear & Platycodon (Variation Name: COUGH - BROWN)

☑ Korean Pear Extract (NFC) 85.5% containing Polyphenol from pear

☑ Korean Balloon flower extract 7.5% containing Saponin

☑ Korean Broadleaf Liriope containing Spicatoside A


Pear & Luffa Cylindrica (Variation Name: COLD - GREEN)

☑ Korea Pear Extract (NFC) 82.8% containing Polyphenol from pear

☑ Slippery Elm Inner Bark with Tannins

☑ Korean Luffacylindrica mixed Extract 10.2% containing Coumaric acid

☑ Korean White Mulberry root containing phenolic compound


★ NO Bacteria, E.coli and heavy metals detected

★ GAP Certified Only use GAP certified Pears as ingredients which was produced and processed following the guidelines from Korea ministry of Agriculture, food and rural affairs.

Product of Korea

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