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Stage 3 Spill-Proof Plate

Stage 3 Spill-Proof Plate

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Elipse Kids Stage 3 Spill-Proof Plate is a plastic plate for kids who are able to keep their plate on the table without toppling them over. The non-skid silicone base prevents plate from sliding around. The plate also features the no-spill, smart-edge technology that is designed for easy scooping and minimizes over-bowl messes and spills. All these features encourage independent and safe feeding for older toddlers and children.

• Contents: 1 Plate
• Silicone, non-skid base prevents plate from skidding, sliding or toppling
• Elliptical inner curve optimize easy scooping without spilling to help kids self-feed
• Patented Smart-edge technology guides food back into the bowl and onto your utensil, curbing over-the-edge spills and creating effortless food control.
• Children will have good control over food contents.
• Smooth rim for avoidance of cuts and superficial abrasions
• Durable and shatterproof
• Made from Highest Quality Virgin Food Grade Polypropylene (safe for contact with food) • Lead free, tested BPA/BPS free, alongside all other possible toxic chemicals associated with plastics and dyes used.
• Non-toxic, environmentally sustainable, 100% recyclable packaging
• Microwave & top-rack dishwasher-safe

Quality Assured — Manufactured in Singapore under strict Quality Control Standards. *Spoon not included.

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