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Sweet Potato Sesame Balls

Posted by Stephanie Goh on

Totally enjoyed this one, finally a snack recipe!

If you decide to include the sugar in this recipe, the texture will be chewy like the original sesame ball. However, if you omit the sugar, then the sesame ball will be softer, somewhat like mochi, but still super tasty!

Also, the reason why it's flat instead of being like a ball shape is that I did not want to deep fry it.
- 20g Sugar (Optional)
- 200g Glutinous Rice Flour
- Sesame Seeds (do not use roasted sesame seeds)
1. Reconstitute Purple Sweet Potato Powder into puree using some water
2. Add sugar into the puree (optional)
3. Add in the glutinous rice flour in batches while kneading
4. Stop when the dough does not stick to your hands and the bowl
5. Press them into coin shapes
6. Coat the 2 sides with water and press in sesame seeds
7. Pan fry with some oil using low heat until it is lightly browned


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