Our Brand Story

Hi I'm Stephanie - founder of SG Homemade.                                       

SG Homemade was created for busy mums who desire to give their children and family a healthier option to store-bought seasonings.

As a working mum and despite being strapped for time on most days, I persist to serve my family with healthy foods. Most stock powders and seasonings that are sold in the market have preservatives, additives and MSG added to them which I am not comfortable to serve my toddler with. Many mums around me also face problems like – having no time to prepare meals, running out of ideas sometimes, or simply have insufficient freezer space to stock up on soup stock. Even when dining out, we are uncertain of the source of ingredients in the food. On top of that, our children may reject a certain type of vegetable or meat that provides essential nutrients for their growth. By using food powders we can mask the presence of such ingredients and continue to feed them with balanced and nutritious meals.

My baby eats whatever your baby eats

All the food powders that are offered here are what my toddler consumes on a regular basis. They are either added to her porridge, soups or dishes (steamed, stir-fried or marinated). When eating out, I replace hawker soups with hot water mixed with food powders; and when I am unable to offer a suitable vegetable dish during the meal, I sprinkle my vegetable powder onto her rice or noodles to balance it all out.

My commitment to YOU

I personally handpick all the ingredients and make sure that they are fresh to be made into powders for you and your family. I sterilise all my equipment, utensils and packaging before use and ensure that hygiene conditions are tip-top.

I am available for help through email, Facebook or WhatsApp. SG Homemade is not just a regular online shop – I envision my relationship with you as a partnership (and friendship) and will provide support whenever you need. I will also need your understanding that I am a mum who takes care of my child on my own, so if I do not respond as quickly as you would like me to, please be patient with me.


Cheers to being the best mum to our children,

Stephanie Goh