Here are some of the commonly asked questions that you might have, if you don't see your questions being answered here, do contact us!


  • What are food powders?
    They are ingredients that are dehydrated and ground into extremely fine powder. Although food powders are cooked and ready to eat, they are usually cooked with porridge; used as a soup base, a marinate, or a seasoning for stir-frying.

  • Where are they made?
    In a GMP and Halal-certified factory that is clean and well-ventilated. 

  • How are the powders packed?
    They are packed in food-grade glass jars that come with metal caps which are leak-proof. Following which the caps are sealed with a safety seal to ensure that your powders have not been tampered with before reaching you.


  • How long can the powders be stored?
    The storage instructions for our products can be found here.


  • Where are your products sold?
    You can either buy from our online shop SGHomemade.com or from our retail partners.

  • Is there any minimum order?
    No, we do not believe in making a customer buy more than they would like to.

  • What are the payment options?
    We accept credit cards and bank deposits (including PayLah and PayNow). If you would like to save some transaction costs for us, do choose to use bank deposits.

  • Any shipping fees?
    Orders below $15 are subject to a $6 delivery fee.
    Orders $15 - $48.99 are subject to a $3 delivery fee. 
    Orders $49 and above enjoy free delivery.

  • How are the powders delivered?
    By courier (10am - 10pm): The delivery team will deliver the parcel to your specified address.


  • Do you have any return/refund policy? 
    As we are dealing with food products, there is strictly no return/exchange. If you are dissatisfied with our product in any way, kindly take a photo of it and send it to us; we will assess the condition and take necessary actions.