Copy of Our Brand Story

Hi, I'm Stephanie - a mother of two! I created SG Homemade for busy mums who desire to give their children and family healthier meal options.

Despite being strapped for time on most days as a working mother, I persist to serve my family with healthy foods. Most stock powders and seasonings that are sold in the market have preservatives, additives and MSG added to them which I am not comfortable to serve my children with. Many mums around me also face problems like having no time to prepare meals, or being unsure of what food may be suitable for their little ones when they're overseas/on-the-go.

In 2017, after arduous research, I decided to offer what I had created to mums like you who are going through similar struggles that I experienced when I was weaning my daughter. We're constantly innovating to create new products that reflect our core values while bringing more variety to your little ones. In fact, most of our products have been created with the feedback of mums who partner with us closely!

Feel free to reach us at any of our channels if there's anything we can help with! SG Homemade is not just a regular online shop – I envision my relationship with you more as a friendship than a mere business transaction, and will be here to provide support throughout your parenting journey whenever you need.

Cheers to being the best mum for our children,

Stephanie Goh