Crispy Sesame-Crusted Tofu

Crispy Sesame-Crusted Tofu

This tofu dish is exactly like its name. The exterior is crispy and fragrant with the fragrance of roasted sesame seeds. The inside is soft and juicy (not oily at all) and has a natural sweetness of tofu. In Singapore, we call this Tau-Kwa which is a firm tofu.


  • 200g Firm Tofu (Tau Kwa)
  • 4 tbsp Corn Flour
  • 5 tbsp Raw Sesame Seeds
  • 4 tbsp Water
  • 1 tsp Kombu Powder (or Scallop Powder)
  • Olive Oil (to cover the base of your pan)

1. Slice the tofu into uniform cubes.
2. Combine 2 tbsp cornflour and 4 tbsp water in a shallow bowl.
3. In another bowl, make your sesame crust by combining 5 tbsp sesame seeds, 2 tbsp corn flour and 1 tsp Kombu powder.
4.Coat your tofu cubes in the water/corn flour batter, then coat with sesame mixture to evenly cover the tofu cubes one by one.
5. Heat oil in wok to cover the bottom of your pan and pan fry the tofu cubes in a single layer till crispy flipping halfway through.
6. Serve over rice, stir fried noodles, or enjoy plain! This recipe is best enjoyed immediately while they are crispy and hot.

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